Dream Weavers
Dream Weavers
Season # 1
Episode # 13
Directed by: Bryan Gordon
Writen by: Kristin Newman
Original Air Date: January 23, 2013
U.S. Viewers (millions) 6.42
Publication Order
Preceded by-
"Cold War"
Followed by-
"The Back Nine"

"Dream Weavers" is the 13th episode of Season 1 in The Neighbors.


The four parents chaperone Amber's and Reggie's school dance. Amber attends with the most popular guy at school, while Reggie, although still pining for Amber, attends with Gisele (Lora Plattner) ... and her turtle. Debbie and Marty reflect on their teenage courtship. They went to their dance with other people, but still fell in love with each other. Larry and Jackie create their own dance romance, complete with a fancy car and a 1980s tuxedo.

Guest StarsEdit

  • Judd Nelson as Jim
  • Lora Plattner as Giselle Braxton
  • Grant Harvey as Jeremy
  • Justene Alpert as Impressed Girl
  • Skyler Vallo as Cheerleader


  • "To Be With You" by The Honey Trees
  • "Life Passed Me By" by Super Stereo
  • "Miss Johnson" by Goldspot
  • "Dream Weaver" by Gary Wright
  • "If You Leave" by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
  • "Turn On The Light" by Geoff Pinckney


  • Despite the fact that Debbie's relationship with her mother in law likely improved after the events in Thanksgiving is for the Bird-Kersees it appears she still holds hostile feelings towards her mother in law as she ansers no Grandma is fine sadly after Amber says Grandma better have died for you to come here.
  • This episode is the first time that it is hinted Debbie might have  a drinking problem.

Running gagsEdit

  • Marty or Debbie suggesting Larry talks to Jackie as she seems upset with Larry replying trust me i know my wife now is not the time.
  • Marty and Larry breaking up arguments between Promgoers (with Larry using his authorative voice)


Zabvronian RevelationsEdit

  • When it is time, Zabvronians are pulled by an attractable force to a holy space where they meet their mate.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Judd Nelson appears in a nod to his 1985 film "The Breakfast Club."
  • Reggie and Amber discuss the "Twilight" films.


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