Season # 1
Episode # 5
Directed by: Chris Koch
Writen by: Dan Fogelman
Original Air Date: October 24, 2012
U.S. Viewers (millions) 6.96
Publication Order
Preceded by-
"Bathroom Etiquette"
Followed by-
"Larry Bird and the Iron Throne"

"Halloween-ween" is the 5th episode of Season 1 in The Neighbors


The Weavers love Halloween! They start by scouting good locations because they're excited for their kids to trick-or-treat somewhere other than their old apartment building with “hallways that smell like soup.” The Zabvronians, however, think they’re being invaded every final day of October, their community gate keeping the monsters at bay. This year they’ve got trained archers with flaming arrows.

The Weavers show them the ropes, but Larry resists because he likes protecting his people from the threat. Amber resists her normal punny, topical costume -- this year she’s sexing it up. At school, Max and Abby learn kids their age are branching out on their own and want to do the same. They just don’t need their parents as much as they used to. Marty and Debbie? Not fans of all this.

Guest StarsEdit

  • Grant Harvey as Jeremy
  • Caitlin Carmichael as Emma
  • Madison West Gill as Madison
  • Amarech Tadesse Koch as Ladybug
  • Patrick O'Sullivan as Johnny Unitas
  • Katherine Tokarz as Mary Lou Retton
  • Grant Venable as Kid #5
  • Trisity Cameron as Zabrvonian
  • Brian Guest as Zabrvonian
  • Mobin Khan as Zabrvonian - Kissing Alien
  • Laura LaMonaco as Zabrvonian
  • Tracy Weisert as Zabrvonian
  • Aileen Davila as Kid #1
  • Kayla Drew Simmons as Kid #2
  • Lolli Sorenson as Kid #4
  • Catalina Furra as Pink Ballerina Cat
  • Gabriella Holland as Trick-or-Treater
  • Morgan Lambert as Trick-or-Treater
  • Israel Powell as Trick-or-Treater
  • Laura Krystine as Zombie
  • Carly Peeters as Zombie
  • Piper Reese as Zombie
  • Max Rubens as Skeleton Zombie


  • "Monster Mash" by Bobby Boris Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers


  • This is the first episode in which it's hinted that Dick can read Debbie's mind. Dick later confirms that he possesses this ability in "I Believe I Can Drive."
  • The Effie Trinket costume that Toks Olagundoye (Jackie) wears was originally assigned to Zabvronian regular Mobin Khan.  Olagundoye wanted to wear the costume and was elated when the script was changed.
  • The fact that Dick Butkis had a Marty Weaver puppet was likely a reference to how Marty is the puppet in his marriage with Debbie.
  • Jackie being the Zabvronian that dresses up in a costume is actually quite logical as she is the most progressive and open minded member of the Earth bound Zabvronians.
  • In the beginning of this episode the holiday's Christmas Thanksgiving and Halloween are mentioned(when Marty and Debbie ask Max and Abby what there favorite holiday is). The Weavers will spend all 3 mentioned holliday's with the Bird- Kersee's
  • This is the first time the Bird Kersee's celebrate a human holiday

Running gagsEdit

  • Zabvronians mispronouncing Halloween(pronouncing it as Halloween-Ween or Halloween one Ween (later only done once by Jackie)

Zabvronian RevelationsEdit

  • In the preceding decade, the Zabvronians assumed they were under attack on Halloween.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Marty and Max make plans to go trick-or-treating as characters from "Finding Nemo."
  • Jackie Joyner-Kersee dresses up as Effie Trinket from "The Hunger Games."


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