Isabella Cramp
Isabella Cramp (born December 2004) plays Abby Weaver. In a very short period of time since signing to one of Hollywood's top children agencies, Isabella Cramp has garnered an impressive list of credits that include ABC's Happy Endings, In Plain Sight, Mike and Molly and CSI: Miami, as well as numerous commercials.

In addition to appearing in The Neighbors, Isabella will be seen in the upcoming TV movie Piper Rose.

Outside of work, Isabella enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her hobbies include swimming, kickball, soccer, bike riding, horseback riding, skiing and playing with the family's Labrador retriever. Even though she is very feminine, Isabella is fearless and willing to play in the mud with the boys. In addition she is extremely well traveled for her young age of seven, and has had the opportunity to visit a number of other countries. However Disneyland is her favorite place because of her love of roller coasters.

Isabella resides outside of Los Angeles.