Juan and Larry Bird

Juan and Larry Bird


Juan was the Hidden Hills neighborhood gardner and is also one of the first humans (before the Weaver family 10 years later) the Zabvronians encountered on Earth. Though, the first time they saw him they mistaked him for half man half machine due to his hedge trimmer. He is dearly loved by the Zabvronians until an accident which takes his life. The Zabvronians are caught in great grief and forces Marty to explain what death is, which caused even greater panic. Marty, eventually calms down the Zabvronians and with the help of Debbie convinces them to attend Juan's funeral. Following which Juan is resurrected by Larry using a potion given to him by his father (Big Bird) in case of death. However, Juan is not the same lacking the ability to talk and moves more like a zombie. Juan can't trim hedges or cut the grass etc correctly after being resurrected.


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